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Data Security for is your best online source for Data Security, Data Protection, Network Security and Internet Security products and solutions at the lowest price. We strive to bring to our visitors the best information and security software for home, small business, home office and businesses of all sizes. We offer a selection of the best products and our visitors can choose by Company size, by Industry and by product type to make it easy for every business to find the data protection software or solution that will fit their needs and budget.

The most popular products and solutions that we offer on our website are Data Security, Date Encryption, File Security, Server Security, Mail Security, USB Drive Security, Mobile Security,Endpoint & Sharepoint Security, Gateway Security and Data Recovery for Small Home Business to large companies with thousands of employees.

Data security is a big thing for home offices, small businesses and large companies around the World. More and more people are connected on the internet and it is very important for any type of business to protect their data and to eliminate all types of threats and in order to safeguard executives, workers, equipment and data. Most business owners are aware that it is much more expensive to fix a breach of data security than to prevent one. Hopefully, small businesses can prevent data security breaches by having the right security tools and software. Data Security is important for any small business and internet and data security should be a top priority.

We  help people and businesses to find the best data & internet security solutions at the lowest price.


Most businesses especially small businesses have below standard systems to keep track of their customer's sensitive information, thereby exposing them to risk. It is however necessary for all businesses to use adequate data security to protect sensitive data and make them inaccessible by intruders. Having secured data increase your clients confidence level on you.

What is data security for small business ?

Data securities are protective measures put in place to render websites and databases inaccessible by intruders. It is important for all sizes and types of business be it health, finance, government and so on. As far as your business is online you are vulnerable of hackers stealing vital information or viruses which could cripple your business. Some of the ways you can secure your system is by updating you operating system frequently. Hackers can really break into any system if they really want to but it is important that you put all the necessary measures on ground. Updating your operating system will make the system to be always updated with the latest safeguards.

The use of encryption software can also be of great help. Encryption helps protect the company's data, personnel files and product information. All data should be properly encrypted before sharing.

Data Security for Small Office & for Small Business

No matter how large or small your business is, the need to secure your relevant data can never be overemphasized. You think your company does not have any important data to secure ? What about that of your clients? Your customers have more confidence on you when you have data security.

Here are some tips that will help you secure your data

Know your sensitive data: Every company has a sensitive data whether in your laptops, server or computers and they should be adequately protected. You should be able to identify your sensitive data in order to keep them safe and restricted from intruders.

After identifying your relevant data, the next thing to do is to control access to the data. Not all employees should have access to where the information is.

Never ignore the mobile: The use of mobile phones cannot be stopped in the working environment but there could be some restrictions.

Another thing that can be done is to now use the appropriate tool and software to protect sensitive data based on the type of business you are running.

After putting all these things in check, you can communicate to your customers your data protection policies to build more trust among your customers and to educate your customers and clients on what to do in case of any data breach.

Data & Internet Security Software for Small Office and Businesses

Most small businesses neglect data security of the relevant data because they believe that it is major large businesses that are vulnerable to attacks but it is highly recommended for every company to have a data security plan and solution in form of a software. Click here to see the Most popular data protection software for small businesses. Most small lack the resources needed to secure their data but Data Security for offer many solutions and software at a very affordable price to give you the security your business needs in this internet world. There are  low cost cyber securities you can get to secure your data and online security as a small business (Virtual Private Network, Anti-Virus, Firewall,etc).

Click here to shop by Company size and to view the most popular products for the data security of your business.

Mobile security is also important because it protects your business from attack on phones and tablets just as the name implies. It protects your business and employees from all form of attacks such as malware, data leakages and attacks caused by files or side loading apps. The software that we offer for Home office and Small Businesses helps you to have more security and to protect your data, files, etc. 

Data Protection for Business

It is important for a small business to put their Data and Internet security on top of their priority. The importance of data security cannot be overemphasized. Without securing your data, you stand the chance of losing important data of your customers and even some clients.

Below are some of the benefits of data security for any kind of business

  1. Data security helps you to gain the confidence of your customers. Your customers have more confident on you when you have data security. They can keep their restricted documents with you.
  2. It makes you updated and when you have a current standard, people tend to rely and respect you more.
  3. Protects you from hackers: With the current increase in hacking activities, it is necessary you have data security.
  4. Also you need to have data security to always be ahead of your customer. You will get more customers when you have data security because no one wants to keep his or her data in an insecure place. Having a data security is a plus to your pursuit while not having is a minus.
  5. Reduces development Cost: Getting your data security on time is more cost effective than having to do it later as it might require lots of modifications. Also if you do not protect your data and you lose your data or that of your customers. It invariably cost you more to recover stolen data.
  6. It helps to protect irrelevant information: Data security helps you to protect your important files. Documents are one the essential things in an organization and you will not want to lose them to hackers.

The Main Causes of Data Security Breach

Data security breaches have become a thing to show concern especially. With the recent technological development, the cybercriminals tend to have also developed technologically on their mischief. One thing about data breaches is that it affects all industries. A lot of unauthorized authorities now break into people’s databases picking whatever information available. Researches have proven that most of the data breaches were done through hacking and malware. Hacking seems to be the mostly used method. Social engineering and adding skimming hardware’s on online payment systems are other ways data breaches are being carried out.

Other things that can lead to data breaches include:

  • Loss of devices like phones and documents.
  • Using a weak password: Although experts have been warning against the use of weak passwords, some people still take it for granted. Weak passwords create larger room for hackers to have access to your restricted files.
  • Unintentional disclosure of restricted files on a website, extranet, intranet, facebook or blog.
  • Information stolen from the files, security breach, credit card, payment terminal, etc
  • Internal breach as a result of fraudulent employees is more dangerous. Your employees can intentionally leak sensitive information.

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Data security should be one of the top priorities of any company irrespective of the size and type.

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